Les meilleurs conseils du Dr E + P pour les légendes du diabète nouvellement diagnostiquées

By | March 15, 2023
Les meilleurs conseils du Dr E + P pour les légendes du diabète nouvellement diagnostiquées

Foreign Dr Steve Edelman Dr Jeremy Pettis take It away buddy okay so today we're Talking about the lifespan of diabetes Whether you have type 1 or type 2 it's a Big difference if you were just Diagnosed or if you've been living with It for 20 30 years and so we want to Talk about some things you need to know When you're first diagnosed and then Maybe some tips you didn't know if You're savvy so starting with if you Were newly diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes here are some important things You need to know when you're first Diagnosed first get a continuous glucose Monitor the sooner the better when You're first diagnose I hate hearing People say that they can't get it right Away for some reason get it you're going To do better with it that's a device That will tell you what your blood sugar Is all the time without having to prick Your finger number two see an Endocrinologist get a diabetes Specialist that you really bond with It's not about finding the best one or Whatever somebody that you relate to you Need to do that number three check out Our tcoid video of all there's lectures On everything for free on exercise Medications new systems that you can be On you really have to educate yourself Take the time to learn as much as you

Can about type 1 diabetes and the final Thing is you are going to be okay you Can live a long healthy life with type 1 Diabetes Steve and I have both had it Since we're 15 and I'm thankful that I Have type 1 diabetes I don't say that All the time but right now I'm feeling Thankful that's my buddy so tell us About your newly diagnosed with type 2 Yeah it's the same sort of thing Knowledge is power you get type 2 Diabetes you take care of it you live Longer for it number one lifestyle Within number one is diet and exercise Exercise you just need to start doing Aerobic exercise whatever you can do Build up the time walking golfing Exercising even getting a exercise Machine for your house you got to build Up getting your heart in shape is Important number two is Diet I hate the First three letters in diet and you know What it comes down to Eating the foods you like in moderation Um you know I'm not going to change your Diet overnight and know is any neither Is anybody else so you'll learn more About diet on our video of all listening To dietitians but it's really Not how not we are not what we eat we Are how much we eat if you have type 2 Diabetes lastly medication most people Get started off on Metformin it's a Great drug but it's really important for

You to know that there is a natural Progression of type 2 diabetes meaning That over time your caregiver your Doctor May give you more medications to Keep your A1C at goal which hopefully is Close to seven percent and that's Something not to freak out over but it's Just something to know that you will Need a concoction of things but that's That's the important part to keep your A1C down I want to get an exercise Machine for my house it just sounds like Some machine that just kind of moves you Around and exercises you all right so Savvy type one you've got type one for 10 20 30 years and then we were talking About you got four hours to kill ask a Savvy type one how they Bowl us for Pizza they can tell you 20 30 different Tips that they have so things that I Tell everybody that's been living with Type 1 for a while get on one of these Hybrid clothes Loop systems a pump and CGM combination can make a huge Difference in your difference in your Life and beyond that once you start Getting your blood sugars under control It's really these life hacks that I'm Constantly talking to people about how To store their insulin you know in the Fridge how to get more days out of their Sensor places to put their their insulin Fusion set infusion sets that I like you Know how to deal with exercise all these

Kinds of things that we we go over again In the tcuad video Vault because there's Only so much you can learn from carb Counting and these kinds of things you Can't get this information in a textbook Yeah exactly the bottom line or how to Drink alcohol successfully you're good At that so you know these are the things Where the shift really is how to live a Normal mentally healthy life with Diabetes how to think about it less get Good control and not have it run your Life and how to get some positives out Of living with the disease how to meet a Buddy all those things okay for the Savvy type cues out there you've got to Know about two important classes of Medication and s g l t two Inhibitors Jardiance and farziga these are drugs That lower your blood sugar lower your Weight protect your heart and protect Your kidneys they and do not cause Hypoglycemia the next important class is Glp-1 receptor agonists and those are Ozembic and trulicity and there's others As well and these are drugs that also Reduce heart attacks and strokes they Lower your weight they work well with The sglt2 Inhibitors and all the other Medications on our list and these are Important for you to know because type 2 Diabetes is about prevention of heart Disease kidney disease and diabetes Complications lastly if you're a type 2

CGM it can be life-changing for you and They're not just for folks with type one Yeah I just think that the shift is Being on these medications is a gift It's a benefit like we always joke that I'm jealous that we can't take these Medicines because they're so effective Low lower blood sugars reduce weight all These things it's a whole new day for People living with type 2 diabetes so Remember March 19th we're having our First virtual diabetes Conference of the Year where we're going to be covering All the bases for you newbies and for You Old-Timers for the those that the You that need Basics and those of you That need to stay as Savvy as you think You are yeah I'm gonna put it in my Calendar right now okay yeah we'll see You guys there March 19th thanks for Listening bye Foreign