How Alyssa Milano Overcomes Stress Using Life Lessons from Hollywood – Insights from Variety
How Alyssa Milano Overcomes Stress Using Life Lessons from Hollywood – Insights from Variety

At the forefront of mental health advocacy, Alyssa Milano has been an inspiration to many. In her interview with Variety, she sheds light on how she overcomes stress using life lessons she’s gleaned from Hollywood. From her experiences in the industry to her personal struggles, her insights offer a unique perspective and valuable advice for anyone looking to manage stress in their own lives.

The American Heart Association presents, “Notes to My Younger Self” in collaboration with Variety Content Studio.

Stress can come in all shapes and sizes. Hear how Alyssa Milano has learned to deal with it. While everyone experiences stress to varying degrees, constant or chronic stress can lead to unhealthy habits like overeating, lower levels of physical activity, smoking and not taking medications as prescribed, all things that are linked to an increased risk for heart attack and stroke, according to the American Heart Association.

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I can only imagine how Scared this little girl was feeling Like my world was completely being Altered My relationship with stress throughout My life I don't think I ever really Considered it stress I would have these Moments of pure panic anxiety feels to Me like I have a knot in my stomach that Is just like You're just churning it could be totally Debilitating Yes I think I am 11. 11 years old so this would have been the First year of who's The Boss a very Difficult time because we moved from New York to Los Angeles for this show that Nobody knew was going to work or not There was a sense before who's the Boss That acting was Fun I still was able to live somewhat of A normal childhood once who's the boss Started obviously everything changed Getting tutored on the set moved to a New state so I didn't have any friends Everything that I knew that was safe and Comfortable was shifting that was a time When we didn't talk about anxiety or Stress we talked about Life is hard buck up get through it you Have a responsibility don't let people Down I would tell my younger self what I Tell my kids let's figure out what works For you when you're feeling like this

Let's figure out some tools that you can Always have in in your toolbox whether It be breathing or art therapy or Exercising let's figure out what works For you because you know what works for My son is sports what works for my Daughter is breathing and painting Two very different kids you know one Size does not fit fit all so it's very Important I think that you identify What's working 26 Charmed was a very exciting time for me The stress of acting was doubled because I'm also dyslexic it meant that I had to Go in very prepared my dyslexia was Always worse when I felt anxiety so just The idea that I had to perform under That kind of stress was uh really Difficult the only way I felt that I Could Um manage that was to be overly prepared I don't have any any advice for for This Woman This Woman shaped My relationships my my marriage the way In which I parent also Financial Stability So it's not even like I can look at her And say you know what work less Find more time for yourself because all Of the hard work during those years have Led to a certain amount of security and Stability and continues to be a great Force in my life Charmed is the most

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Solid fan base an actor could ask for it We call them charmies it's still such a Huge part of my life so I don't know That I could tell her anything or to do Things differently or to I don't know I don't know 50. hard to believe 50 yes It's it's Really wonderful went by really quickly And I look at these beautiful Children that I made with my beautiful Husband And I'm so very thankful Everything that got me to this place of Contentment of happiness at this age I Reduce stress by I love to Garden I think there's something very primitive About that digging in the dirt releases Endorphins I also taught myself how to Watercolor paint it's very hard to be Perfect and perfected so I've had to let Go of a lot of my perfectionist Instincts I love to watch my son play Baseball I love to watch my daughter play soccer I like to cook sometimes that all sounds So She's figured it all out but really I've Been in therapy for a very very long Time the the lessons from my younger Self that I still carry with me are like I know now what not to do when my Children are stressed Which is to tell them to Buck up and

Just get out there and do it my kids are Being raised with Stress and Anxiety being a part of their Being because nobody escapes it Life is filled with highs and lows and Those moments where you feel stressed or Anxious what works for you let's figure That out so you can take that with you So Who knows I could be messing them up More Reducing stress in my life has made room For more good moments More joy more happiness more Appreciation worry This idea that we can control or Manipulate the outcome of something Which is basically what anxiety is at Least in my life that kind of worry Leads to so much stress when you take Out that the what ifs You're able to be in the moment and Enjoy every moment as it comes my Moments that I have that are Riddled with stress or anxiety I'm able To move through them faster and with Grace The only advice I could give someone Who's dealing with a lot of stress is to Really Seek out help if you need it And whether it be Having lunch with your best friend once A week and making it a priority

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Or finding a therapist that works for You whatever that means ask for help Through that help hopefully you will Find the things that work for you to Reduce your stress [Music] Thank you [Music]

Stress is something that everyone experiences, regardless of who they are or what they do for a living. Even successful Hollywood actors like Alyssa Milano struggle with stress management. In a recent video created by the American Heart Association, Milano shares some valuable insights into how she deals with stress in her daily life. Read on to discover some of the key takeaways from Milano’s interview and how they can help you overcome stress too.

Section 1: Alyssa Milano’s Stressful Journey
In this section, the article delves into Alyssa Milano’s personal experiences with stress and how she learned to manage it over the years. She shares her struggles with anxiety, insomnia, and other stress-induced symptoms. She also talks about how she found herself constantly comparing herself to others in the industry, which made her even more stressed.

Section 2: Life Lessons from Hollywood Superstars
Milano shares some of the life lessons that she has learned from her fellow Hollywood actors over the years. She talks about how their positive attitude, determination, and ability to bounce back from setbacks have been sources of inspiration for her. She also mentions how she was influenced by strong female role models like Meryl Streep, who taught her the importance of self-acceptance and self-love.

Section 3: The Benefits of Mindful Meditation
Mindful meditation is one of the key stress-management techniques that Milano swears by. She talks about how it has helped her manage her symptoms and improve her overall well-being. The article goes into detail on what mindfulness meditation is, how it works, and the benefits it can provide for individuals who practice it regularly.

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Section 4: The Power of Positive Thinking
In this section, the article explores how positive thinking can help individuals overcome stress and other mental health challenges. Alyssa Milano shares some of the self-talk techniques that she uses to reframe negative thoughts into positive ones. The article also provides some practical tips on how individuals can adopt a positive mindset in their daily lives.

Alyssa Milano’s insights into stress management are a valuable source of inspiration for anyone who is struggling to overcome stress in their daily lives. By following in the footsteps of Hollywood superstars, adopting mindful meditation, and practicing positive thinking, individuals can learn to manage stress more effectively and improve their overall well-being.


  1. What is mindful meditation, and how does it work?
    Mindful meditation is a technique that involves focusing one’s attention on the present moment, without judgment. It can help individuals manage stress, improve their emotional stability, and increase their overall sense of well-being. To practice mindful meditation, individuals can simply focus on their breath, body sensations, or sounds around them.

  2. Is positive thinking effective for managing stress?
    Yes, positive thinking can be a powerful tool for overcoming stress and other mental health challenges. By reframing negative thoughts into positive ones, individuals can reduce their feelings of anxiety and depression, and improve their overall outlook on life.

  3. How can I adopt a positive mindset in my daily life?
    There are several ways to cultivate a positive mindset, including journaling, practicing gratitude, and surrounding oneself with supportive people. It’s also important to focus on one’s strengths and accomplishments, and to avoid comparing oneself to others.

  4. What role does exercise play in stress management?
    Exercise can be an effective form of stress relief, as it releases endorphins and reduces feelings of anxiety and depression. Regular physical activity can also improve overall physical health, which can lead to increased feelings of well-being.

  5. What are some other stress-management techniques besides meditation and positive thinking?
    Other effective stress-management techniques include deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. It’s important to find the techniques that work best for each individual and to practice them regularly for the best results.