Drs. E&P cuisinent du piment! Recettes du livre de cuisine de Brian Baumgartner(Kevin de The Office)

By | March 16, 2023
Drs. E&P cuisinent du piment! Recettes du livre de cuisine de Brian Baumgartner(Kevin de The Office)

Hey everybody I am Dr Jeremy Pettis I'm Dr Steve Edelman and not only are we Endocrinologists we're people living With type 1 diabetes but we're also Gourmet chefs no we're not okay we're Aspiring Gourmet chefs and Steve and I Were talking about what's something that We could make for you guys Um that we could actually make diabetes Friendly but it's for the holidays it's Kind of a hearty warm family meal and Then it occurred to us what could Possibly be better than making chili we Should make some chili did somebody say Chili Yeah yeah we said chili but guys you Know you don't have to show up every Time we we're gonna do chili like we we Got it man yeah but I I really really Like chili yeah I know you like chili And that's why we have your book here Your cookbook my cookbook right there 177 of the greatest chili recipes of all Time okay so we're gonna use your book And you can just um I don't know we got A chair for you over there and we can Just have a seat you don't you don't Need my help no I think I think we got It yeah we're good are you sure yeah are You going to follow all the instructions Yeah man I think we got it okay just do Me one favor okay Always uh-huh Undercook the onions yep we got it yep

I'm gonna cook the onions thanks Thanks bye just feel free to check your Email And um okay Man That guy always comes at the strangest Times that's what she don't say it All right well now that uh he's gone but Seriously a big uh thanks and a shout Out to uh Brian who did make this uh Recently this chili cookbook it's a Seriously good chili cookbook it's 177 Recipes collections from celebrities Chefs cook-off winners so all these Recipes are kind of vetted and extremely Good yeah and we we picked three recipes That we think would appeal to a wide Group of people yeah the first one we're Going to cook right now and we'll cook The other two later yeah so this first One page 122 slow cooker white turkey Chili with salsa verde so why do we pick This one because you can actually use it With turkey like specifically your Leftover turkey from Thanksgiving so it Makes it kind of festive and fun now Steve and I I mean I don't know about You I don't really know what I'm doing So I'm gonna you know try to read Through these directions with you you And I cook somewhat so I mean you Apparently won an award champion of Chili there so okay here here's the First Direction it says it's got all the

Ingredients here but it says place the Oil onion garlic and bacon in a large Slow cooker so all right I will do the Oil which is a tablespoon of olive oil But you need to start chopping up that Onion okay which is a very large onion So just you told me before we started Filming he's never chopped up I have but I don't know if I've done it right you Do it like pull the pole or do you do it Sideways like that you cut off the two Ends Like this yeah try not to cut off your Finger and of course we can check our Blood sugar uh because this looks Dangerous the way that you're doing this Okay just watch now if you start crying It's not because you love me it can't be The right way that you do this Are you serious look at this I'm gonna Do the olive oil Then you just get rid of all this and There you have a nice clean onion that Looks pretty good I'm gonna cut it in Half Like this Okay And now I'm gonna just cut up and as you Know do slices If you cry I like to do it under the Hood okay of a stove because that way The fumes from the onion doesn't make You your eyes burn And I'm gonna do the oil while you're

Doing that okay do I do this whole onion By the way yes one whole onion so you Can do this on a stove with a regular Pot but this just makes a little bit Like a set it and forget it kind of Thing because it's got to cook Ultimately for a while here I haven't Gone to that Jesus I'm I'm two to three Hours so yeah my eyes are feeling though Can you like blow So that doesn't glow my eyes okay all Right now now so yeah so first of all is You have one onion and then we need to Do uh One tablespoon of garlic minced so it's Probably not going to be the whole thing Okay have you ever done this before no I Haven't or you just buy the jar from Costco yeah I didn't I didn't actually Didn't know what garlic looked like are You serious um where does that grow is That it come from a tree like where does Garlic come from is that a root Yeah but is that like out of the ground Oh man I'm gonna I'm gonna seal these Okay watch this okay you you cut the Ends off again And it helps you get the outer shell off My secret is I just find somebody to do It what does minced mean just chopped up The one thing I just say chopped up Okay you take the knife you hold the Unsharp part okay and you you rotate on The shoulder part

You rotate oh you're hitting another Knife we can't be okay okay then you do Different direction you try to chop it Up and you bring it together Okay that's minced all right So I got my tablespoon of garlic okay Going in yeah Okay I forgot that I forgot the outer Shell okay is it just me or is he really Loosey-goosey with this knife I think it's just you put it down when You're not cutting all right let's see Here uh two strips of bacon chopped this Looks like good bacon does it say what Size suggestions Um chopped So the secret is Always clean up as you go you kind of Start that way and you pull the knife Towards you It gives you nice You're just making that up can you mince The bacon there we go this is fun And so far like zero carbs You know a little bit a little bit and We'll talk about that when you come to The beans but right now I wouldn't bolus For this this is just onion stew right Now Foreign Okay there we go so that is step one Now we're going to cook this uh cover on High heat for 10 minutes until the Onions are translucent

So we're going to hover over this and Look at the onions until I guess they're See-throughy ish and then we'll move on To the next step I think that's probably The best explanation to translate okay All right we'll be back And we're back all right so we're 10 Minutes later we've cooked this these Onions are translucent as hell it smells Really good okay so Step One is done There's actually only three steps which Is good so next we're going to add the Beans corn turkey salsa verde and broth So first for the beans and we have a Couple different options of beans you Can get beans with regular amounts of Salt low salt no salt so we went with Like low salt which I think is this one And we already opened it up but also Okay I'm sorry yeah this recipe allows You to use one can of beans right Instead of two and that reduces the Calories and the carbs you know that's a Great point because all the carbs in This is going to come from the beans and I remember a long time ago other things Come from the beans too okay I ate some Chili and my blood sugars went up and I Was like what the heck Chili's like very Like it's all protein and you're like no There's lots of carbs in beans and People don't know that I think a lot of Like uh he told me it was Bean Propaganda that like you know it was all

All protein but it's actually there's a Lot of um carbs in beans so if you can Limit the beans that's going to be good For so do I pour it with this all the Juice you know what depends on the Recipe recipe says just include the Juice just pour it in these Okay so we're done with that and then Um clean up corn do you finish please Okay corn also Juice yes so the secret Is you just kind of tilt it and then all Right next is turkey five cups we know That's broth two cups leftover cooked Turkey chopped so we don't have leftover Turkey yet because we haven't had Thanksgiving but we just have turkey and We need two cups okay chopped uh minced No chopped okay I will uh oh you're Doubling up so Steve is this is an Advanced technique he stacked the turkey Yeah and if the knife is sharp I mean it Got it kind of dull when you used it but I it's it's still okay uh okay see this Is where it makes me nervous where I'm Cutting and grabbing at the same time Something happened to you when you were A kid no I just like you're like Seriously you're loosey-goosey I don't think you're in any danger of me Look at your finger that's way too big When people eat this they're gonna be Like that's good but there's some chunky Turkey And the good thing about

Meat you know or this could be whatever It is it's very filling but low carbs so You're going to eat this and be full And you know we put minimum beans in Here so We can talk about this later but with at One serving is 20 carbs though so even With one can of beans it's still a good Amount of carbs you know what you know For some of you folks with type 2 that Are not on insulin you know you don't Really do anything different when you Eat stuff lots of carbs except you try To limit the portion control and Sometimes going out for a little walk After eating is not a bad idea well it Says add the salsa and broth and then Stir so I hope maybe we can edit that Stirring out Eric I stirred prematurely Okay salsa verde is Um one three ounce can well this is Seven ounces Okay well let's do half of it Broth yes broth so we need five cups in The morning Um Looks right oh low sodium But if you know what the number one Source of salt in our diet is Spread people don't know that okay so Okay so stir and then cook on high for 45 minutes to an hour or low for two to Three hours and this is okay it says if Using raw turkey cooking a skillet

Before adding it so we actually used Cooked turkey so we didn't have to do That step so basically we need to cook This down for a while and then you and I Can just do some fun for a couple hours Let's Play rummikue okay all right we're Gonna flavor I'm cute see you guys later And we're back so we're gonna have to Put our rummikube game on hold because While that other chili is cooking we Thought a good use of our time is Actually to make the next chili I'm Excited about this one so what's this Next one called okay scorpion breath Chili yeah it sounds pretty gnarly and Basically it's kind of a Texas recipe And they would denounce any chili that Has beans in it but turns out for people With type 1 and type 2 it eliminates the Carbs yeah more protein and I also Brought my own accoutrement after you Eat this chili you need some Listerine Or any acceptable mouthwash all right so This one is you know potentially more Straightforward so it starts with you Got to have two pounds of cubed beef Which we have here just bought you know Unwrapped one pound each and step one is To Brown the cubed meat in a pot just Want to go over here to the pot and it's Nice to have a stickless pan so that you Don't have to scrub it off oh geez I got The plastic in there Okay

Secret's not to get the plastic in there All right browning the beef Right so the beef is browned and so our Next thing is to add the broth so it Says 14 and a half Ounce canned beef broth 14.5 and then The next thing we're going to do is We're going to add all these spices so Here they are six tablespoons chili Powder tablespoon cayenne pepper Tablespoon cumin tablespoon oregano Teaspoon sea salt and a packet of this Goya spice so six tablespoons of chili Powder So when I do six of these whoa yeah six Of them in there okay And a tablespoon of cayenne pepper no Wonder it's called scorpion breath so Steve yeah one of each of these One tablespoon yeah okay one tablespoon Of those wow this smells and then like Scorpion or oregano One packet Of the Goya spice get these guys off of Here And then we're going to bring that to a Boil and simmer fruit two hours and 30 Minutes it says stir clockwise and well Are you stirring clockwise Uh yeah okay good Okay so while that's simmering an Important last step is that if you want To make a little bit hotter it says you Can float a pricked jalapeno in the

Mixture so what's a pricked Jalapeno basically you prick it you Prick little holes in it so that the Internal juices seep out into the chili Okay I'll let you do it just how many Holes I'm gonna bring over the pot so You can just dump it in oh I can see it Getting juicy yeah wait I don't want you Dripping that on my secret as you prick It three times Um okay Good job okay uh here we go now I simmer For what two hours two and a half hours So we got two chilies literally cooking Right now so that means we're gonna move On to our third chili which is called The quick vegetarian chili page 144. so Vegetarian obviously some people are Vegetarian they don't want to eat meat Another thing that cutting out the meat Really cuts down the calories so it's a Good kind of low calorie option um You're still going to have a good amount Of carbs because we are going to be Using beans So all right so let's get into it this One is a little intimidating to me Because it has seven steps the other one Was like three Um so let's get started with cutting and Preparing all the veggies okay celery so It says one stalk of celery diced now I've seen Sushi chefs you put your hand Like this that rubs the edge of the

Knife you can't cut off your finger okay See that underneath okay all right so if You don't mind putting those in Knife Down hands in oh I forgot a piece so we Need one green bell pop pepper chopped Okay so what's your Technique so pull The pole on this one huh okay pull the Pull okay now you see this stuff in the Middle you want to get that out and and Also the top Yeah and then you just try to pull off That white stuff okay Because that may be a little bitter kind Of really sound like I know what I'm Doing um one large carrot shredded Shredded Okay so we got a shredder we didn't have A large carrot so we have three kind of Medium carrots ooh this looks fun won't You do it the side Is that the right side you got many Options that's the side that's the right Side now I'll just warn you when you get Close to the end of the camera why not This one oh that's finer Foreign Watch the technique Pretty good you see how fast it's going Down this looks good in here Nice and bright colors okay now next Is going to be zucchini okay and there's A zucchini they also want shredded okay Okay the secret is you get like an angle See you see how it's going down yeah

Good job this is easier Try to your neuter's shredding I Recommend starting with a zucchini okay Garlic and onion okay back to our Girlfriend onion but we should garlic First okay now are you gonna do the Garlic I showed you last time yeah okay I I thought I'd make it easy for you This is a lot easier I'm gonna start the Onion okay You want to get all this Outside stuff off and as I said I like To cut it in half Kind of like a watermelon then then you Can what I do is I slice it this way all The way across and then you turn around And we can we can chop it with this Bigger nut You don't have your goggles Well mine's Not burning yet and while you're cutting I'm going to stand back I wasn't Listening I was waiting for the comedic Effect to kick in I think they do help a little bit though Okay bring that bowl over and I'll Place some fishing There you go you want to borrow all my Goggles Okay Ah much better This like looks the healthiest so far Why I mean look at these veggies we have Okay so the last thing we have to add Before we you know start cooking so

First of all it says heat the the oils We put two tablespoons of oil and we're Heating that up and we have to add Vegetables the yes the corn to this and So it says one half cup frozen corn Niblets that's niblets what are we gonna Do with the rest of it are those mid Blitz Uh oh sorry yeah All right a half a cup of that you like Corn I love corn okay the secret is you Kind of just sprinkle around a little Bit all right so I did almost a whole Cup of corn and you can obviously modify This you can put in no corn if you don't Like uh corn because it does have you Know a good amount of carbs in it yeah It's something good to know in general That just eating like an ear of corn is A fair amount it's it's 50 extra Calories in the pot of chili so it's Good to know so now we need to Saute stirring often it doesn't say Clockwise or counterclockwise so how About it we've got another big pot here All right Here I'll hold it you pour it you drag It in Okay See that sizzle It's because we preheat the oil this Looks this does look healthy it does Right when are we adding the meat And by the way we got our old friend

Over here the Scorpion breath and I must Give a stir to also don't don't burn Yourself I don't understand why they Haven't met oh look at that Um jalapeno float Pricked okay so while we're back While the veggies are cooking drain the The canned kidney beans which we already Did we drained them we rinsed them and Poured them into a broad shallow dish Thusly and mash lightly with a tomato Masher it says why don't we buy refried Beans well it says this not only gives The chili a smoother consistency it also Is a great way to hide the beans from Picky eaters so this is sneaking beans Into people and then after we do that We're going to add that into the pot With some diced tomatoes 28 ounce can Please be 28 ounces 28 ounces all right we don't have to do Any math that time okay so we're going To add that and then tomato sauce eight Ounce can of tomato sauce right here Eight ounces okay half a cup of water no We don't have water oh I'm on that don't Worry okay water in all the seasonings All the seasonings here we go okay okay This is good all right so why don't you Start adding um these things these three Things to the to this to the mixture to The mixture Diced tomatoes this doesn't see it's Getting kind of a

Mashed Consistency Okay Now wow we'll add that This is getting there okay we need one Teaspoon Chipotle powder Teaspoon of cumin teaspoon of dried Basil teaspoon of oregano half teaspoon Of salt half teaspoon of freshly ground Black pepper And then we can do some garnishes at the End we'll talk about that later all Right so we got all that in You can stir it In any direction And cover the pot and increase the heat To bring the mixture to boil then reduce The heat to medium low Oh the beans these ones Steve you forgot the beans there's no Beans in there yeah we gotta add these There's no beans oh yeah okay Nobody will know and then we'll Eventually let it simmer for 20 minutes And then we'll add the other things Cheese sour cream Lime wedges that sounds good okay so We're going to come back in a little bit We got all three chilies basically Cooking now and come back with like I Think spices and and things like that so We'll be right back All right we are back and while we are Away we plated our three chilies and we

Kind of you know um put the Accoutrements on them to kind of like The finishing touches if you will so Let's go kind of in order the ones that We made let's start with the turkey one Let's go to the calorie count of that so We only did one can of beans so per Serving of 224 calories not so bad Um 20 grams of carbs 21 grams of protein And we're talking about this that Obviously people type 1 and type 2 are Listening but for those of you on Insulin when you have that much protein Anything above 10 15 grams that can Delay the the kind of spike in your Blood sugar so you might need to give Yourself a bolus you know sometimes an Hour two hours after eating because your Blood sugar is going to kind of go up More information on that just watch our Pizza challenge where we talk a lot About the facts of the fat and protein But all right so without further Ado Let's dig in so you want to try it first Or let's do it at the same time all Right Okay oh look that is a translucent onion If I have ever seen one How is it Seriously good Seriously go ahead And what I like is that the green salsa That we put in there Okay that's really good though so it's

Got a little heat to it already Okay so Next one scorpion breath okay so guess What 308 calories per serving essentially Zero carbs but 30 grams of protein so This is a high protein meal now I'm Curious kind of like how to actually eat This we added a little cheese a little Sour cream the chunks the chunks of meat Are a little bit big you know I got a Good a reasonable size one I'm actually Excited about this one okay Cheers Cheers Oh That's really good These guys watching haven't eaten it yet This is good this one's got some heat to It is that the one that we prickled the Jalapeno yeah the heat builds yeah There's no definitely more that's good That's interesting because that is just Like meat meat soup but um recording This is chili beef stew It is spicy that's really good Seriously good seriously okay moving on To the third one Um which was the veggie one the other Ones were kind of 200 300 calories this Is 184 so I mean you don't have all that That protein it brings down the calories 28 grams of carbs so it's you kind of Shift it's less calories but more more Carbs so you can see that you can make Your chili however you want all right so

This one we got chips I'll get a little wine squeeze here we Put some Sour cream on there this one this one I Think looks the best I think it looks Better because it turns into like color So does so does our turkey work are There beans in here It's like temperature hot That's good It's tasty it is tasty You know personally I like meat so we Were kind of joking about throwing some Of the meat in there but I think that Would actually be good what do you think You know what I think I like vegetarian Stuff here and there and I think this is That's really good actually and I I Would probably put a little bit of hot Sauce in there this one yeah for sure All right so what is your favorite I'd have to say the turkey I I was Surprised that the Scorpion breath is my Favorite so second close I thought it Was like not gonna have enough stuff in It but it was it was great right next Most or very important topic what to Drink Um while you're eating your chili now we Have some alcoholic beverages here for a Couple reasons one you know holidays There's always alcohol around we did a Very famous video on drinking with Diabetes you have to check that out but

Just to show that's just over 18 at Least 21. oh yeah Um so just like chili just like Everything Um you can modify things to make them More diabetes friendly you know Different carb counts different uh Calorie counts Etc so we have an IPA Here from Stone Brewery I love ipas but they're very like high Calorie high carbs so this is per bottle 220 calories so this is like eating a Bowl of chili every bottle so keep that In mind and it has about 17 grams of Carbs so a decent amount of carbs then You go to Guinness which is only 125 Calories and 10 grams of carbs so a very Kind of um Diabetes friendly but still flavorful Beer so this is blue moon light sky so This has 95 calories 3.6 grams of carbs So you can see this was from like 90 Calories to 200 plus 3 grams of carbs to Like almost 20. so depending on what You're drinking just like what you're Eating can make a big difference in your Overall weight Health diabetes Etc I Have up here something called June shine Which I love which is a hard kombucha Six percent alcohol so it packs a punch But it has literally like two grams of Carbs and maybe like 150 calories or Something like that so I really like These and there's a zillion different

Brands yeah there's lots of different Things so you know you can pick what What you want but the key is know what You're putting in your body whether it's Chili or beer or whatever you're eating Because it can make a big difference and You can find something that doesn't make You suffer you know like people think oh I have to be on a diabetic diet whatever That is but you can still eat very Flavorful things that can be healthy you Can even drink alcohol you know you know Conservatively I suppose But just know what you're what you're Drinking so Anything else you want to say all I'm Going to say is it's been really fun Cooking with you and it's been great I Still have all my fingies Um yeah I don't I'm I'm gonna get up my Phone I'm gonna give myself a bolus and I'm gonna dig in because you and I have Been kind of fasting during this yeah I'm not gonna Bowl this because I'm Gonna eat just some meat Um which is gonna be great so thanks Everyone it's been good fun let's do it Again soon a lot of fun and and thanks Again to Brian for coming on the show Yeah check out his book and the tcoid Staff that's all around this room Helping the cooking and cleaning up and All that stuff getting all this stuff Ready for us I learned a lot I am ready

To go out and cook see you later