Défi alimentaire surprise du Dr E et du Dr P

By | March 15, 2023
Défi alimentaire surprise du Dr E et du Dr P

Hi everybody I'm Dr Jeremy Pettis and This is my good friend Steve Edelman and Welcome to our surprise food challenge And so let me explain what that is so if You've been following us at tcoid you Know that we've done these challenges Before Um how to eat three donuts and stay in Range how to eat pizza stay in range Exercise alcohol and we've done these Things for you know a couple reasons we Want to show people that with these Difficult you know experiences eating Three Donuts eating all this pizza that You can still if you're quick with the Right tools and right knowledge stay in A reasonable you know blood sugar range And we're not advocating that everybody Go out and eat three Donuts all the time But again it's just to show that like Nothing can is like completely Unsurmountable with diabetes you can do This you could live a normal life and You know diabetes is not eating Cardboard at the same time the same Amount you know every single day with no Changes so we want to make sure that People can live with diabetes and still Enjoy their life yeah so as the reigning Champ of all these challenges I decided To give Steve like a better chance this Time and come up with a you know Something that maybe he'd have a little Bit of an advantage so for this

Challenge we have no idea what we're Going to be eating Steve is going to be Buying a meal for me and I'll be doing The same for him we're going to have Like a big reveal and then you know talk About our strategies on you know how we Would conquer this meal that we're just Presented with so a couple rules that we Had about you know what meals we could Pick what's important is Jeremy commonly Cheats and he changes the rules he Changes the rules when we start so pay Attention to the rules because we have To stick to those rules this is all Videoed all the previous ones you can go On and see that I could not cheat and Steve just lost but anyways so the rules Were that you have to buy kind of a Normal meal and what do we mean by that We both actually ended up picking chain Restaurants so this is something you can Get like just easily off the meal There's no crazy substitutions or off The menu no crazy substitutions and um We couldn't add dessert we thought that Was like too easy of a low-hanging fruit Like you eat this whole meal and then You have to eat a hot fudge sundae that Seemed not what you would typically eat So that was kind of one caveat and the Other one is that you couldn't add a Beverage like you know a 40 ounce Coke Again just wouldn't really be fair so It's just really about eating this this

Meal and then you can have maybe water Diet coke or whatever you want to kind Of wash it down with Um so that was kind of the rules around The meals and talk about the rules Around blood sugars yeah well we As we did with the donut Challenge and The pizza challenge Um you know we want to keep our numbers Between 70 and 180 that's defined as Time and range you guys should know that By now all our other programs and Basically the rule is The person that goes out of range first Loses right and we're going to talk About our strategy as we go through and And the other thing is we get to use any Insulin we want including a fresa and we Can use exercise we did that in the Donut challenge to prevent us from Getting to that 180 point and I don't Know what you can do to get low but if You have to drink orange juice or apple Juice does that mean you're out yeah you Know well yeah you can't eat anything See that's good to go I'm not sure the Rules yeah you can't you can't treat a Low and you know like and stay in range So you have to eat the meal stay in Range if you go out of range you lose But we're going to follow it up to three Hours so if both of us stay in range for Three hours then you know it's a tie we Both win like hooray all right so what's

Going to happen next is Steve's going to Get up and go in his office so I can Show you guys what I have planned to Order for him which is incredible and Then after we do that we'll flip we'll All go away you can come back and kind Of commune with the audience so you guys At home will know where we're eating but We won't so I just got to tell you Steve With what I'm going to get you there's Just there's no way you're going to beat Me Well we'll just have to see about that All right you guys here I am in my Computer about to order for Steve and I'm getting him Chinese food Particularly specifically Panda Express Now why Chinese food anybody with Diabetes will tell you it is just awful In terms of your blood sugars you got Carbs from the rice and chow mein or Whatever but then all the fat and the Protein so your blood sugars you know Will just kind of like constantly just Go up and up and up and it becomes Impossible to keep your blood sugars Down so this is going to be a really Tough meal for him so what did I get Well I went online and researched this By the way it took me a while to kind of Find all this information it's not super Easy just to pull this up so I got him a Plate which I get to pick two entrees And then chow mein and rice and so this

Is what I got so first entrees orange Chicken carbs 51 carbs 23 grams of fat And 490 calories in just that then Beijing beef why because it was the most Calorically dense second option 46 grams of carbs 26 grams of fat 470 Calories and then I was really a toss-up Between should I get chow mein or rice So I went half and half half Chow Mein Half fried rice chow mein is 40 grams of Carbs 10 grams of fat for a half order 255 calories that's for a half order Fried rice 42 grams of carbs 8 grams of Fat 260 calories so in total total carb Count 179 grams of carbs 67 grams of fat and About 1500 calories now I gotta say I Have eaten this before like so I'm kind Of shocked looking at this that there's That many carbs and that many calories In this but it is pretty delicious so We'll see how he handles this I'm going To hit you know submit my order right Now and we're gonna go get this Meal Have it here and I just can't wait to See the look on Steve's face when we Reveal this so Um that's it for me The item I picked for Jeremy to eat I Know he loves in fact he always talks About it because he loves it but it also Wrecks his blood sugars now I'm going to Tell you what's in it I've never ordered One because I'm not

Ignorant enough to do that Okay it is a acai bowl from Jamba Juice Just the regular one okay it's got Strawberries acai blend blueberry soy Milk bananas granola honey shredded Coconut I purposely did not order any Extras now he loves peanut butter could Have got him an extra scoop and it said That adds on 100 calories but I didn't Do that because protein will slow down The absorption of Rapid acting carbs now The one thing that he does have an Advantage I'm just guessing it's only 520 calories only 60 calories from fat So it is rapid acting carbs and you're Not going to believe this 103 grams of carbohydrate so that's like Eating two Bagels but a bagel may not Even be absorbed nearly as fast as an Acai Bowl so basically I got the order Right up here And I'm gonna Push this button and it will be started To be made right away All right so we are back and we're very Excited because the food's been Delivered Um the tcoid team made us go into our Offices got them set up in here so we Couldn't see uh What Lies Beneath these Things so in a couple seconds we're Going to reveal this and we haven't seen We have no idea what's under here well We have no clue what the other person

Picked yeah so after the reveal it have A moment to react and then talk about How we're gonna attack whatever it is so Are you ready Steve yeah okay ready Three two one go Oh me I got an acai Bowl That's not that's not fair It's a normal serving Of Chinese food and look at this this is A cute little bowl like this is just Going to be delicious so but it's going To be really really hard mine is like Pure carbs you've got like a whole lot Of operation over there to deal with I Got a lot of fat in there is that orange Chicken yeah that's orange chicken Beijing beef chow mein fried that Actually looks really good so this is Like for a family of four no you should Have got an individual flight Meal look At this I can't wait man you know what I've never ordered an acai bowl and That's so small well it's still going to Be hard I guess this is more pure carb So we'll we'll talk about how to I need A minute we'll process and we'll talk About how we're gonna deal with this Okay we'll be right back all right so We've had a moment to process and Actually what that was is more Steve Complaining about how big his is and how Small a mine was but um so I've got an Acai Bowl if you guys can't see it acai

Is this like berry fruit stuff that is Delicious I don't really know what it is But it's it's fruit it's got granola on Here and it's got strawberries bananas Blueberries and some coconut flakes so This is like a pure carb meal and we Talked about if we wanted to know how Many carbohydrates and carbs and we Decided not to because for most of us When we eat things like we you know Don't have a menu that says exactly how Many carbs it is so how would I approach This how many carbs would I estimate and Yeah I would say probably about 100 Grams of carbs in here and I don't have To worry about the fat and protein so Much for Steve so what I'm going to do Is just a big fat bolus for about 100 Grams of carbs wheat 20 minutes or so to Kind of eat it which is gonna be hard Because I'm starving so let that in some Kick in and then eat it and if I start Kind of going up I might take some fresn Or do some stairs or something like that But the key here is the pre-bolus if I Just you know bullish right now and ate It immediately I'd go high but giving 20 Or so minutes before you know I I start Eating this is going to be my key so Honestly I want to eat some of yours Like it looks really really good I mean This is orange chicken regular rice not Cauliflower rice fried chicken fried Rice but yeah yeah yeah yeah I got it it

Was rice and then there's noodles and I Can tell you the sauce on orange chicken Is you might as well drink a thing of Syrup for your pancakes so I mean for me I I need to not only give a pre bolus But then I gotta really keep a close eye And give more boluses as this stuff gets Absorbed in my stomach so yeah I to be Honest Jeremy I'm not sure I can finish This whole thing I'm going to eat as Much as I can and I know this has got to Be well over Thousand calories like well over I mean How many carbs would you say I would say 200 grams of carbs if you if I ate the whole thing So you're gonna pre-bull us for how many Grams of carbs do you think a hundred Okay and then see how it goes that's 10 Units and we talked about this with the Pizza but the fat and the protein it can Just delay absorption you know so like He might actually do okay in the Beginning but then his blood sugars Might creep up an hour two hours later And it makes you more insulin resistant So anytime you have as much fat and Protein here like Chinese food pizza You're just going to need to take more Insulin so you'd have to take the amount Of carbs you're going to eat and then Sometimes add another 50 or so it's a Real crap shoot I tell my patients Chinese food will kill you even my Asian

Patients they laugh well we have the Paramedic standing behind just in case Um but anyways so all right okay we're Gonna bolus and then come back to start Eating I guess okay okay we'll see in a Second All right real quick I'm 87 you know Arrow across try to be a little Aggressive coming into this because my Blood sugar is low Um I just put in actually 80 grams of Carbs that start like a little Conservative because I'm gonna probably Do some more touches Um and getting my bolus and I'm gonna Start eating soon yeah I'm at 75 diagonal down because I gave a Little bolus ahead of time and our Uber Driver got a flat and so I'm gonna start Eating right away okay take your bite What are you gonna do first I'm going For the sweetest thing I can but that's Everything Um I'll take a first bite too just so we're At the same time I just got this giant Spoon that you know I don't think I'm Gonna use that but Sorry so healthy So Fresh So healthy so fresh all right we'll be Back with it okay just a reminder three Hour timer Starts Now with our first Bite All right we're back it's been almost

Exactly 20 minutes since we started Eating admittedly I finished earlier Because I have a smaller portion than Steve has been working his way through His Panda I you know pre-bolist about 20 minutes Or so before I ate I have about eight Units on board my blood sugar started Around 80 and now it's it's it's it's Kind of rocketing up 124 going up you Know uh diagonal arrow goes to show you Again that I probably should have Pre-bolished more because the carbs just Hit your your system and turn the sugar Faster than the insulin ax so if this Trend continues at the next reading I'm Probably going to take some of fresa Which is an inhaled very rapid acting Insulin to just kind of turn the tide to Keep me in range Um because you you kind of did me dirty In a good way with these carbs I mean It's it's it's working in terms of Trying to get me to go out of range but I'm gonna try to fight it with your so How are you doing Steve well as I Mentioned earlier I I really wanted to Start off as low as I could and I didn't Realize that first of all this would be So big in carbs I I was thinking that he Was going to order me a high caloric Sandwich and uh this is a lot of carbs And then I didn't realize the Jamba Juice acai bowl is so small that's like

An appetite we're talking about you Right now okay all right all right so I Gave myself two and a half units when I Was about 134 and there was a delay In the delivery and I bullished ten two And a half units because the delaying Delivery of the food so yeah people was To get you down in a Range okay so yeah So I I started off with 75 diagonal down And I would have been a little bit Better if the food had gotten here on Time and now I'm 70 straight across and Skimmed the bottom of the like there I Mean just skimmed and I'll tell you what I I ate a lot of this I feel like I'm Pregnant and I really do and I ate most Of the rice and the noodles I ate that First and I ate a lot of the protein to Hopefully slow down the absorption of Carbs but you know the orange sauce on The orange chicken that's like it as you As I said before it's sweet so how many Units do you have like now I gave my I Added in a hundred grams of carbs I am One unit for every 10 grams okay and I Planned on just giving 10 10 units which I did okay and we'll see how you do and I helped him out I had a couple pieces Of Beijing beef that's really good yeah Because his meals so I just got to give You give you a chance so you know Actually in 123 I kind of leveled out Right now update so we'll just see how

That goes yeah you know what I really Next time uh you know what I'm gonna Pick Acai Bowl here we go again not Complaining not like a little all right Like a little thing that holds peanuts From appetizers all right well anyways We'll be back and we'll hear more about Steve complaining about the size of my Bowl Okay we're back now in my update oh my Gosh I was 147 going up and now I it Just turned to 154 going up so this is You know where Steve's really hitting me With these like pure carbs my blood Sugar's Off to the Races so I am going To take some of fresa Um and I'm gonna take an eight unit Cartridge we talk a lot about the Conversion the eight units of a fresa is More like four units of a rapid acting Insulin but the the main deal about it Is that it gets absorbed so quickly so It's going to help me turn this corner Because if I didn't take something now I Would definitely go above 180 and I Would lose so just gonna get this out Here put this in here inhale it and you Can talk about your update okay well Right before We started sat here I was like 85 straight across now I'm 94. diagonal Up and so I have to make a decision do I Want to take some fresa or do I want to

Add more sub cubes remember I just took 10 units what 20 minutes ago so that's Um you know it hasn't even started to Kick in you know that's the problem with Sub-Q insulin so I think what I'm going To do is just be conservative and give Myself Um 3.5 unit correction dose so that's Interesting you're calling a correction Dose but it's really not a correction I Mean your blood sugar is 94. and this is Where it's really helpful for people to Realize you have to be very proactive That most people would say 94 why don't You just like hang out and wait like I Probably would just wait and see what Would go up did you see what I ate yeah You ate a lot I mean 1500 calories 179 grams of carbs yeah I Gave them the information off camera and He about you know passed out what I told Him was 179 I I really was shocked Because I thought he was going to order This sub sandwich for me that's quite Heavy in calories and I was expecting Like a sub sandwich and I didn't even Think of Chinese food and I love Chinese Food it's delicious and I think again It's just like my struggle is going to Be in this first hour or so just dealing With the carbs his struggle is going to Be like hour two three when like Everything just starts kind of kicking

In so anyways that's our interventions Right now some of fresa a couple more Units and so far we're all still in the Game here so we'll come back with an Update Okay we're back we are back with our an Hour in now from our meal last time we Checked in Um I was 154 going up I took eight units Of a fresa and I definitely did kind of Turn the corner so I I maxed out at 166 just like five or so minutes ago and Now I'm 159 you know Straight Arrow Across so I think knock on wood I've Survived like the brunt of the attack From acai Bowl now that we're like an Hour into it and hopefully now I'll Continue to kind of just like cruise Into a you know a good range and stay There we'll see so that's my update I'm Happy with my fresa intervention by the Way I had eight units of subcutaneous And Insulin you know that I took another Eight units of fresa which is like four Units or so of subcutaneous so a total Of 12 units pretty good slug to just Combat that that full just carb heavy Meal well the fresa not only is you know Theoretically half as half as strong Four units but it gets in your system so Quickly and that like rapid turnaround Is like it was pretty impressive because I just took a regular bolus I probably Still would have been going up and

Getting worried you know the other thing Was interesting right before we turned On the camera you were ready to give Yourself a little bit more fresna and That's why I think and then between two Minutes ago and now the arrow flattened Out so I think it's really important to You know I've heard people say and I Recommend it too that wait for three Cycles of your CGM before you make a Rash decision because you want to make Sure it's flat so you did Tell us what's going on with you well um If you remember I was uh like 113 Diagonal up and even though I wasn't That high I still give myself three and A half units knowing because I ate half Of Panda Express and uh the restaurant Yeah you ate the whole restaurant now What are you they didn't think I ate a Panda bear okay don't worry about it 133 diagonal up so at this point I have 13 and a half units I took 10 in the Beginning another three and a half Relatively short period of time and I Also had taken some a couple two and a Half units before we started which got Me down to right skimming 70. so it's Amazing I didn't just drop barely below And you claimed to be a winner so that Was so lucky and now Um you know it I think it goes to show Well what are you going to do I'm gonna

Sit and wait okay I'm gonna hold okay And uh I just think it's important this Whole pre-boasting thing starting off a Meal at a really good blood sugar really Helps because yeah you had a lot of room You know from seven to 180 so you've got All those points to give yeah so yeah We'll see how you do so right now we're Just both holding I think honestly like The worst of mine is behind me and the Worst of yours is still yet to come so We'll see all right very very optimistic Guy All right we are back okay so we're an Hour and a half in now and uh my update Is that you know again I took the fresa PT kind of 160 and I've sloped down and I'm now 95 technically diagonal down but I'm I'm kind of coming in for a landing I don't think so you don't think so get Out the apple juice no way there's no Way I'm gonna go below 70. so I think I'm cruising now I survived that initial Hit only went up to 160 I was telling Steve I could actually have used more Acai like a bigger bowl to fill me up a Little bit and maybe challenge me a Little bit more but as it is I'm feeling Pretty good about where I'm at how about You yeah well I'm doing really well too I am 106 straight across now remember Before I was like 133 diagonal up Decided not to do anything Because I I literally took almost 14

Units of insulin and 10 units really Only 90 minutes ago so this stuff is Still working pretty strong and um so Far my timing's working and I know Jeremy thinks I'm going to creep up Later but we'll have to see any other Thing is like you know as we've been Filming this we've been doing other Stuff you know so it's not like we've Just been completely hovering over our Blood sugars and I'm mentioning that Because it hasn't been like a ton of Work I mean we've been doing work we've Been checking emails things like that Just checking in with our blood sugars Every once in a while and I say that Because you know these are things that You guys can all do at home yeah I had To do one dose of a fresa not that big Of a deal to bring me back in the range You had to give yourself a little bit of Touch up of insulin but to be honest I'm Actually impressed that we've been able To handle a super card bomb like acai Bowls and like my hat's off to you Steve Really with that meal that I gave you You know 180 like carbs and 1500 Calories in here right now 103. so yeah I'm I'm impressed with myself actually So we'll see if we're able to continue Honestly this is the best I think we've Ever done in a challenge usually things Go a little bit Haywire we'll see how if We can continue this

Um but good job so far yeah I think I Think we're learning finally had a Controller diabetes after 100 combined Years All right well we'll be back with our Next check-in so yeah All right final update we're at the Three hour mark the biggest update we Have it's it's a big one is that Steve Is wearing a different shirt and he was Actually wearing a different shirt in The last video we forgot to address it So what happened with your shirt well We're doing other filming here we've Been life goes on in between large meals At least for me yeah so um yeah you Might see this shirt again and you Probably already saw it if you saw the Intro but This is the last I wore this shirt the Last time we had a live one conference At Paradise Point so where we ended up You know I'm 110 you know kind of flat Across now prove it um oh pull it Here there you go Um actually it's a little up but that's Okay okay see that still 110. I caught Him lying still in range Um so and what's your update my update Is I am 138 diagonal up And um I'm still gonna just hold for a While yeah but if it if it gets to 150 And that's where I have my upper alert During the day

I'm gonna go yes I can do something Before it gets to 180 stay in range and I have options of Sub-Q uh inhaled yeah I I think that I wanted to also say Though that you know you did an amazing Job and it goes to show that if you use Portion control and eat one-third the Size of a regular acai Bowl you can also Stay in range well you know I've been Giving such a hard time that he didn't Do any surveillance any Recon he just Bought this acai Bowl you've never seen Before it wasn't my fault it was Delicious I always ended up being hungry But anyways we do these for a couple Reasons one to show that yes technically With diabetes you can eat a lot of these Things that maybe we consider taboo Again not all the time Um you know acai Bowl that's that was Just a big meal it's just not a healthy Meal for people to eat but you you did It in terms of keeping your blood sugars In range yeah yeah and you know what I Don't eat Chinese food too often because I have a hard time controlling myself And I ate a ton yeah and I'm you know I Still feel like I got you know Baby in there I think it really comes Down to two big tricks that both of us Use one the pre-bolus make sure you bowl Us you know before you sit down to eat To get that insulin you know working and Then the second one is a little bit more

Nuanced is just is Vigilance kind of Following up and if you notice that your Blood sugars start you know trending in One Direction or another do something About it and that's where you gave your Little touch I gave you the fresa like Whatever and again it wasn't like a Whole show stopper like we had to you Know spend hours and hours like pouring Over our blood sugars we were able to do It with fairly minimal interventions That being said this is Far and Away the Best we've ever done yep every other Time we've gone out of range pretty much And had to do stairs and kind of things Like that so we're not trying to show Off I think we're just trying to Pat Ourselves on the back because that's Also super important to have some Positive feedback when you actually do Something well to take a moment and be Like you know what I just took down a Whole plate of Chinese food in my blood Sugar stayed in range that's difficult To do so give yourself a little reward Move on the next meal Stephen I might Have a high or low I mean it's just you Kind of gotta always keep up you know The fight and Keep trying I'm going for Chinese food Tonight well hopefully he's gonna text Me an hour and say his blood sugar is 300 and I'll still claim victory but Officially this one was a tie still

Raining champ though just because of the The sheer number of wins I've had from Other Um events but this one was technically a Tie Um so we've really appreciated um you Guys watching I love the new shirt Steve Anything else you want to say to folks No just thanks for coming to tcoid today And sharing your live with type 1 Diabetes as well I will say right in the Comments if you have other ideas for you Know uh challenges we already have some Ideas but particularly if you have an Idea that maybe Steve could could win One but with that Um I will just you know sign off say Thanks for for doing this you did an Awesome job and we'll see you guys next Time