Barman ! Recettes festives pour les fêtes

By | March 16, 2023
Barman ! Recettes festives pour les fêtes

So here we are again at Steve's Bar the Last time I was here I literally lost my Shirt you can check out that epic video You know we'll put the link for that Um but let's just talk about alcohol in General because there's a lot of you Know confusion around you know alcohol Especially with diabetes people with Diabetes can drink alcohol but it's like Everything some moderation and know what You're putting into your body so Quick rundown on the three major Categories of alcohol you got the hard Alcohol Steve you just gave me this nice Bottle of tequila which I'm gonna take Home so hard alcohol tequila bourbon Vodka Etc we got wine red wine white Wine and then you got beer so you ask Yourself what's the best for diabetes it Actually remarkably is kind of the hard Alcohol it has the lowest amount of car Zero carbs in general lowest amount of Calories but it really depends on what You mix it with absolutely if you just Drink it kind of straight it won't Change your blood sugar really at all it Might actually lower your blood sugar a Little bit because alcohol itself lowers Your blood sugar but the carbs in here Will actually raise your blood sugar so You got to know the difference so hard Alcohol actually pretty diabetes Friendly now the next thing that's also Very diabetes friendly is wine red wine

White wine it doesn't matter there's not Much difference in terms of of carbs and Calories things like that a glass of Wine might have about 10 grams of carbs Or so there's alcohol in there too so You don't really have to bowl this for Wine will keep your blood sugars pretty Flat it's very diabetes friendly and Then unfortunately the least diabetes Friendly is beer and beer also covers a Wide span of things like if you're Talking about your real low carb beers Like Bud Light etc those might have 10 15 grams of calories you get into like An IPA or hoppy beer that might be 30 40 Grams of sugar so definitely this is Going to cause your blood sugar to come Up and then probably lower again you Know overnight as the alcohol is kicking In and the best thing to do when you're Drinking is you know check your blood Sugar yeah if you have a sea Jam great If you don't then just make sure you Have your meter with you so you know you Don't get into trouble so I love beer But honestly it's the hardest ride if You will with diabetes so I have how Many calories do you say this one it's Like a zillion like this whole thing is A couple like probably 300. so Um I like this hard kombucha stuff now There's all different types of Brands This has six seven percent alcohol so it Definitely packs a punch but generally

Around 100 calories or so in very low Carb only two or three grams of carbs so Again option and they do have no calorie Kombucha so We're putting these guys away because Now it's time to make our special Craft diabetes Cocktails so okay the First thing we're going to do Steve is Going to be my right hand man here we're Going to make a snowball Martini which Is demonstrated here so first of all With the garnish we have this kind of Like snowflake if you will coconut rim And to do that what you need to do is Prepare some coconut cream And then you let's see how this goes I Didn't make this one so we'll see how This goes I'm going to roll it you want Me to dip it yeah okay dip it in the Coconut cream here like so And then that's pretty good and just dip It in and then I'm Gonna Roll It I was Told to roll it Splatter it all over okay here we go It's got like a really like cute kind of Like snowball feel to it I'm gonna kind Of grind it in there Okay that looks pretty good actually I'm just gonna set it down here all Right so now the recipe so for every one Of these you want a shot of vodka so one For uh this is a pretty you know Generous pour here uh one for me this is Vanilla vanilla vodka that's actually

Very important uh one for you Steve and Then you top it off with this coconut Um flavored water basically which is Completely zero calorie zero carb you Like your coconut by Also does a trick that has like you know A couple calories in it so I'm going to Pour this in here ooh looking excited About this it's getting fizzy Now cover It up All right make sure to put this on it Too give it a good shake so pretty easy Right Okay that didn't work Tighten it there we go that's good That's good okay so the reason we're Shaking it is that um There we go Um there's ice in here we just want to Chill it a little bit and we're going to Take this off so a super simple recipe Right just a shot of vodka and a bunch Of this coconut water and we'll see how This goes Steve Ooh look at that just like your holiday Gas will be just you know so impressed You're back here pouring your Yeti Snowball martinis whatever I'm gonna top You off a little bit more This actually looks this looks good okay Should we try it I haven't had a drink In like 30 minutes so I'm ready all Right let's do this cheers cheers all Right snowball yeah see how this goes

Oh Yeah that's dangerous that's very good That's good all right snowball martinis Cheers everybody let's skip the rest of Them yeah yeah and we'll be back in 10 Minutes Okay all right we both took two steps we Didn't I wasn't in the script so that Was good all right snow more martinis Out here that looks really fun next Thing we're gonna do is Fireball cider So Fireball you know I swore this off After college but it's making a comeback I'm gonna make some cider out of this so Everything in moderation basically this One is super easy you take a shot of Fireball And You get you know one of these kind of Glasses I don't know if you call this a Tumbler or something big ice cubes and Talk about big ice cubes yeah you got to Have big ice cubes for especially drinks Where you have hard alcohol especially Bourbon yeah but we're you know if you Don't want your drink watered down That's what you use okay so shop for me Shot for you No we're not gonna shake this one Because we've got the big ice cube there And then you can put a little bit of This apple juice in it this is kind of Interesting so it says mods for Tots you Know the idea here is it's marketed for

Kids you don't need all the juice all The sugar so it's basically watered down Apple juice and as much as I'm going to Put in here is probably you know 10 Grams of carbs or so because it is kind Of watered down so we can tap this off So we don't get you know just straight Up you know Fireball here And then what's going to make it cidery Especially cidery is going to be these Garnishes so we've got this pre-cut Little apples Steve here's one for you Thank you I put it on your Rim lastly Wow do you cut that little I did not This was prepared for us I think Sarah Did yeah that looks amazing all right Then we get a sprig of is that what you Call these sprigs some cinnamon I don't Know it's a cinnamon stick and just Throw it in there it looks good yeah Look how festive this looks I mean if Your guests come over and you got these Two things out there it's gonna be a Good time cheers Oh that's also trouble wow yeah I just Wow you know I I this is really smooth Yeah super smooth I think you know Listen you don't have to limit the Watered-down apple juice very much so Depends how strong you want it oh that's Good if if it's you know after your Mother-in-law gets to your place then You can put a little more Okay Fireball I taste the cinnamon there

Too I like that nice little holiday Touch I'm just gonna put these in my my Milk tastes good all right cranberry Mimosa is next all right so this one Is going to be over here cranberry Mimosa you can give it like a fun Holiday and like cranberry snow ride Mimosa or something like that yeah you Don't have to get the most expensive uh Champagne either because after your Fifth drink it doesn't matter yeah you Can get box champagne if you want Is that a thing careful man yeah I know I'm gonna stand over here yeah I'm gonna Hit this off can I shoot it over there Yeah this is Oh look at that This is my first rodeo all right so for This here hold this see this one's Pretty straightforward okay so first you Need champagne for you first Okay try not to make it all foamy like Yeah I'm gonna D let it defizz I'm going to give you a little bit more The secrets are good mimosas a lot of Champagne Like 90 champagne There we go Okay okay and then to make a cranberry You got to put some cranberry juice in Here this is light cranberry juice again Very low carb calories you know uh 50 Calories in eight fluid ounces I'm only Going to use like four or so they also

Have zero calorie cranberry juice which We have I'm going to do that this one's going to Get you Get you talking that's good it's good It's good okay and then you can do a Little this is a sprig sprig of rosemary You want to sprig yourself sure okay It's big Just drop it in there okay okay and then Um you get a few of these little Pomegranates which just give it kind of Like a fun little festive like holiday Thing Look at this just looks good yeah you Can buy these pomegranate seeds Frozen At like Trader Joe's and things like That make it easy on yourself all right Cheers Cheers see how this one tastes Foreign That's very smooth now I can use more Champagne actually but it's really Really good I could use some Fireball So that's it you know and what like in 5-10 minutes we made three good holiday Drinks that are all very low carb very Low calorie Um and again everything in moderation But you can enjoy the holidays have Festive fun drinks and not kind of Sacrifice your blood sugar or your Really kind of good times so there you Have it which one was your favorite Steve you know what I honestly can say I

Like them all tremendously in the way You made them were so smooth and easy I Mean it's what a great way to celebrate The holidays without wrecking your blood Sugar and just to mention to everybody You can make all these drinks you know In your own way without using alcohol Yeah you can also make non-holiday Versions of these which is just Sprigless basically and then you're You've got a regular mimosa That is really good I think we should Wrap this up so we can enjoy these Um and again yeah You don't have to sacrifice with your Diabetes when it comes to the holidays Enjoy some drinks enjoy you know foods That you like we're going to talk about That next we're gonna throw it back to Chef to kind of finish up his holiday Meal and you and I can can have another Sip all right thanks everybody cheers Let's unveil the cheesecake plate it up And give it a taste Okay I've got my cheesecake ready it's Really simple I'm just going to take a Knife Now this cheesecake is cooled for about An hour I'm just gonna run my knife Around the edges of the springform pan Unspring it lift it up and there we go So now let's cut yourself a little slicy Slice How about a fresh strawberry for a

Garnish Okay everybody now it's time to take a Look at the pumpkin cheesecake of love And give it a taste listen I have plenty Of room on my holiday table if you want To stop by knock three times I'll let You in so here we go let's give it a Tasty taste Uh amazing so good so delicious gluten Free no sugar added simple and easy so Check out the recipe In July happy holidays no one loves you More than me Thank you